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Formers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share our experience, strength and hope with each other so that we may arrest our compulsive, criminal, addictive behaviors and lifestyles, and help others to change and recover from addictive behaviors and lifestyles.

We are not here to address offending as a moral issue. Our primary purpose is to identify the addiction we struggle with and with the help of the Twelve Steps, restore choice and freedom to our lives.

There are no dues or fees – we are self-supporting from the voluntary contributions of our members. We pass the hat at each meeting in order to meet group expenses, and any surplus is used to carry the message of FA. (Seventh Tradition-Pass the hat).

We try to listen respectfully to what others have to say and to share our own experience. We do not interrupt or give advice. While we strive towards change and recovery, it is not necessary for attendance or participation. Our primary purpose is to recover and help others to recover from addictive behaviors and lifestyles which may include but is not limited to alcohol or other drugs, gangs, violence, crime, sex, money, shopping, being in control, what have you. Above all else to each their own.

Formers Anonymous has adapted and modified the 12-Step recovery program formulated by other anonymous groups to form the basis of our fellowship. The 12-Step process is a tried and tested formula, the use of which releases millions of alcoholics and addicts worldwide from the grip of active addiction. Although our program is a modified version of self-help based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of other anonymous groups, we are not affiliated with them or any other organization. We are not a religious organization or allied with any sect, neither do we engage in any controversy or politics.

We are currently compiling the literature to form the foundation for Formers Anonymous meetings. This information is available online through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and our FA website. It will be updated as new experience suggests and opportunity arises.

We are making meetings available in prisons, treatment sites and in the community worldwide.